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Circus Skills = Life Skills.

Circus Moves programs offer evidence based activities to promote positive youth development in an environment which values cooperation over competition. Circus Moves creates inclusive spaces where youth feel safe to engage in positive-risk activities that invoke creativity, provoke self-expression, and evoke self-confidence!

Visit our photo gallery or YouTube channel to see kids in action.

Circus learning promotes positive gains in physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development. Check out the Benefits of Circus page for more info about why #circusworks. If you really want to be a circus nerd, head on over to the Circademics page to read academic journal articles!

After-School Program at the Newtown Community Center

Our Newtown Community Center classes have ongoing enrollment and run in conjunction with the NCC session calendar. Circus skills are progressive and no two classes are ever the same as kids continue to develop and train the skills in which they are most interested. Register by calling 203.270.4349. Circus Moves students receive member rates.

Class Descriptions
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Mobile Circus Programs

There are a variety of options available for on-location youth and family programming, from one-time workshops (for up to 50 kids!), to multiple-class series and residencies. Content can be just for fun or themed specifically for S.T.E.M. content, reading readiness and literacy, body-image, adulting (for teens), social-emotional learning, team-building, etc. Contact Cynthia to find out what we can do for your kids!

+ Schools

+ Libraries
+ After-School Enrichment Programs
+ Summer Camps
+ Day Care Programs
+ Youth Theater Programs
+ Social Skills Programs


Circus Skills
Life Skills

Online Programs

A silver lining in the great debacle of 2020 is that we've all discovered that online programming offers access where once there was none.

Circus Skills Workshop
We work with you to develop a program based on your existing movement equipment and budget for supplies. May also include making props, brain and body challenges, balance activities, circus trivia and history, and more.

The Circus Experiment
S.T.E.A.M. education applied to circus skills and physical fitness. Experiential learning at it's best!

MAKE props!
MOVE your body!

CHALLENGE your mind!
LAUGH your head off!

60-90 minute session options include:

+ Brain Games & Juggling Scarves

+ Juggling Scarves & Balance
+ Make your own Kendama
+ Tightwire Balance
+ Weird Science Tricks

+ Juggling Balls

+ Stuck in a Box

+ Circus Improvisation & Games
+ Family Partner "Acrobatics"



Summer Camps

This is part of our mobile programming, but we have so much fun at Summer Camp that it bears repeating! You can:

+ Invite us for the day to work with each of your camp's age-groups

+ Bring us in for an all ages Flash Mob Circus Workshop for up to 50 kids
+ Hire us to present a full-week program with optional show
+ Think of something completely different and let's see if we can do it!

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