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Summer Program Activities

Exciting activities for all ages and abilities!



Bouncing, balancing, juggling, jumping, tossing, tumbling, spinning, smiling, and lots of clowning around!  A chance for everyone to step into the ring and test their skills in the circus and still be home for dinner!

Activities include juggling, spinning plates, hula hoops, balance boards, stilts, tight-wire, and more...

Circus Moves creates inclusive spaces where kids feel safe to engage in positive-risk activities that invoke creativity, provoke self-expression, and evoke self-confidence!


Circus Moves summer programs are customizable to fit the needs of your community, space, and budget!


Activity tiers include:

- One-time workshop 

- Half-day residency

- Full-day residency

- Multi-day residency

Summer programs introduce evidence based activities presented by experienced coaches trained to create an inclusive environment which promotes positive youth development and values cooperation over competition.


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