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Pop-Up Circus Zone

Community Fun for Everyone!

Better than a bounce-house, this colorful and exciting space is accessible to all ages and abilities, there is no time limit, and there is never a wait! We bring more than 100 pieces of circus equipment and a couple of experts to guide the way. 


Step out of your comfort zone and into your CIRCUS ZONE!

The Pop-Up Circus Zone is created to entice guests to try their hands (and feet!) at a variety of circus skills throughout your event as suis their whim. Experienced and engaging coaches guide and encourage everyone to get involved. The over 100 pieces of equipment set out includes any combination of of the following:

  • Hula hoops (large and small)

  • Balancing feathers

  • Spinning plates

  • Juggling scarves, balls, and clubs

  • Diabolo

  • Balance boards

  • Hand-held and bucket stilts

  • Circus globe

  • Circus spool

  • Low tightwire

Perfect for large, unstructured events, indoors or out!

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